I, Frankenstein

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Frankenstein’s monster, Adam, is cursed with eternal life in a soul-less body, the same irony that might have been visited by just about every Frankenstein movie before this one. Which isn’t a bad thing. The movie even takes on topics like free will and man’s relationship with his maker. But problems arise when this version of the horror classic, if there is truly such a thing, mixes in heaven-sent gargoyles at war with demons trying to re-create soul-less monsters to possess.

If I, Frankenstein wanted to take itself seriously, then it needs not treat Mary Shelly’s book like a corpse waiting to be resurrected with stick-fighting scenes and awfully boring special effects. The original text was truly frightening, as I remember, because it tapped into the nasty side of human nature and the irony of self-rule.

The more intriguing story, and the better vehicle for this movie’s theme might have been the wacky doctor himself. At least this would raise questions of what drives man to be his own god even though it ultimately leads to his own ruin.

But hey, what can you expect from comic book movies? The ones that do it best don’t take themselves too seriously. Ultimately, a lack of self-deprecating humor and over-posturing is what does this movie in. Unless there’s a Mystery Science Theater 3000 track being released with the DVD, which will undoubtedly come on the heels of the theatrical release, don’t waste your time.


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