Cloudy With a Chance of Meetballs 2

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Cloudy With a Chance of Meetballs 2 is exactly what you might expect from a movie with that title: slap-stick comedy, eccentric characters, ludicrous plot and a whole lot of foodimals that leave you with a case of the munchies.

Flint Lockwood, after just saving the world from his own invention: A food-creating machine that devastated his hometown of Swallow Falls with a perfect storm of food, is just beginning to embark on a new adventure.

Flint’s new boss and childhood hero, celebrity scientist and Live Corp founder Chester V., is in charge of clearing the food precipitation away from Swallow Falls, demanding the natives clear the island in the meantime.  But as Chester V.’s Live Corp. scientists begin disappearing, it becomes evident Flint’s food machine isn’t dead after all.

Now it’s making foodimals: shrimpanzees, mosquitoasts, and a tacodile supreme that quakes the earth with each step, borrowing heavily from Jurassic Park in tandem with one character’s quivering belly. Chester V. sends Flint on a solo mission to find and destroy the food machine once for all. But going alone might cost Flint his friendships and turn him into a cubicle-imprisoned, corporate cog, caffeine fiend.

The movie doesn’t bridge that holy grail of comedy gaps: stupid funny and clever wit, the way that so many Pixar movies have been able to do. It is, however, good clean fun with lots of physical comedy that usually fits the bill for its demographic.

While the movie’s zany-ness is about all that sets it apart from the rest and even though it’s no Monster’s University, it’s something safe at least for the whole family to enjoy.


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