Is the problem in America that we’re too wholehearted? We have too clear a vision?

Our culture is divided, clearly, and not just over politics. That’s the surface. Our families are divided, and the individual is divided from his own heart, already given up on his story, having started out invalidated.

The average American hardly takes notice of his own heart. It’s a laughable concept, something that was a theme in Disney movies or Sunday school.

Somewhere along the way, it was decided that all this stuff about children being anything they want to be is very harmful. The thinking is something like, “When kids realize they aren’t going to be the next American Idol, they’ll give up on life.”
So they’re taught to play it safe. Find a skill set and marry a business, retire and golf. Happily ever after?

How’s that been working for kids so far? I suspect many children have been brainwashed into thinking that Sunday school’s message of trusting in the Lord and Disney’s message of wishing upon a star all falls under the same banner. Eventually, the kids see the message was only entertainment in the eyes of their parents. The implicit message is that life is about survival and transcendent purpose is something to be feared, detested even.

The problem is, burying dreams also buries a piece of the soul. As the saying goes, “hope differed makes the heart sick.” I think that describes our culture pretty well. We suffer a sickness of the heart when we give fear a voice over our story.

I’m not suggesting you tie a red towel around your neck and jump off the roof in full superman pose. I’m suggesting you find your story, the one God has waiting for you. Fear will find you, but it doesn’t have to define you anymore. Failure will meet you, but doesn’t have to change you. In fact, what Fear doesn’t want you to know is that Failure, when met with a whole heart, can actually make your story all the better.


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