Wake up, O sleeper

What little kid ever dressed up as a lawyer? How about a plumber? …okay, maybe as a joke. I’m not saying these professions aren’t respectable, you understand. Children dress up because they are practicing becoming a character they admire, and that usually has nothing to do with anything practical. Thank God.

When is this lost? Why is it so easy to believe that we are never going to be the admirable character we once longed to become? Just because the kids’ aren’t always wearing a cape doesn’t mean they will never save a life.

When Jesus calls his disciples, He awakens them by calling them with a new name. The fisherman with anger management problems becomes the Rock of the church. The sons of Zebede are called the Sons of Thunder.

Those weren’t nicknames. They were identities. How affirming is it for a child to be identified by his father as a warrior? or a daughter identified as a princess? The costumes change, of course. Identities stick.

Your truest identity is a sacred thing. Try it on, for real. Share it with your trusted allies. Remember, God sees you for who you really are.


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