Band of Brothers

Some of the best stories feature a group of reluctant heroes, a ragtag collection of the last people in the world who should be the ones to save the day… but somehow have come together to do just that. They’re the underdogs. They’re uncultivated, untrained, of if they have skills, they’re the kind nobody has respect for. They spend most of their lives outside of the socially acceptable endeavors.

A group of misfits with mixed motives becomes the first black regiment to fight for the North in the Civil War. A duke who is terrified of public speaking, who has a horrible stutter, ends up delivering a speech that braces his nation for coming war. A hobbit destroys the ring of power.

These characters had two things in common. First, they had courage. The did not want power, they understood the weight of their calling and responded because they valued others more than themselves.

Second, they had friends. Friends who would back them up, stand at their side and fight along with them, no matter the cost. They were a band of brothers who believed in one another and believed in their cause.

Fiction and non-fiction alike, these characters lay out a plan of attack, a pattern to be followed. If we are to live our story, we need a band of brothers.


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