That monologue going on in our minds formed its own voice before we were conscious of it. It began with an emotional experience we were not yet mature enough to wrap our mind around, so we put words to it, categorized it.

And now we live with it. The scary thing about taking truth to heart is that it changes the monologue we’ve allowed defines us. By neglect and by default, we allow the monologue to shape our character incrementally.

We were ridiculed for failing at a job by an employer at a formative age, picked on as children for our over-sized glasses or because we couldn’t keep up in math class, etc. The reason is not that anything is wrong with us, and we did not deserve such treatment, but how will an immature mind develop in these circumstances without mentorship? It will find fault with its persecutors. And so now each individual experience that pours salt on those still-open wounds draws out the accuser within us.

That is, unless we are bold enough to admit we have welcomed some of the problems we ourselves most detest into our lives. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

The pain that comes with welcoming truth is only the beginning of your new story.



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