favorite movie moments: Turner and Hooch

For a little light reading, I’m adding a walk down memory-lane to my  blog; a look back on some of my favorite scenes in cinema. Some may be poignant, some funny, some examples of what not to do when making a movie.
Here’s my first pick, from Turner and Hooch.

(Amos Reed is played by John McIntire, who also played Sheriff Al Chambers in Hitchcock’s Psycho and did voice acting for the character Badger in the movie The Fox and The Hound.)

One of my favorite movie moments is when Detective Turner visits Amos and his dog, Hooch. Turner puts all his faith in a muffin-decoy to protect himself against the behemoth with jowls that are the nightmare of every plastic surgeon and enough foamy drool to slick up a rusted engine block. The detective’s uncertainty regresses into panic as the K9 closes the distance, not knowing whether he’s after the muffin or the man… and Hooch has a great poker-face.

(click to watch the 90 second clip)

See the muffin, Hooch? It’s a muffin for Hooch! I BROUGHT A MUFFIN FOR YA!!!


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